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(DS2) Missiles

From: "Robert W. Hofrichter" <RobHofrich@p...>
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 21:15:09 -0400
Subject: (DS2) Missiles

Okay, as usual I always want to tinker with stuff, so here are some
ideas for DS2 missile systems.	Let me know what you think...

Additional Missile Systems for Dirtside II

Guided Missile System / Portable (GMS/P)

A lighter cousin of the GMS/L, the GMS/P (introduced in Stargrunt II) is
slightly less capable, but provides infantry teams a longer-ranged
anti-armor capability than IAVR.  Any rifle or close assault team may be
equipped with a GMS/P if it pays the appropriate weapon cost in addition
the team's normal cost and may fire the GMS/P in place of its normal
on any turn.  GMS/P operation is the same as other GMS, except as shown

Weapon Range Chits Mass     Points
GMS/P	  24"	  1	1	  10/20/30

Guided Missile System / Medium (GMS/M)

The GMS/M is an intermediate weapon that fills the niche between the
and the GMS/H.	It is not man portable.  As one would expect, range and
effect on target are mid way between its smaller and larger cousins.

Weapon Range Chits Mass     Points
GMS/M	  42"	  4	3	  26/39/52

Non-LOS GMS Capability

Any GMS system may be purchased with the ability to attack targets that
not in line-of-sight of the firing unit.  Either all friendly GMS of a
particular type (P, L, M, H) must be purchased with this capability or
can.  Non-LOS operation can represent the use of guidance or target
designation by other friendly units that do have LOS to the target or
use of missiles capable of choosing targets after launch.  A GMS weapon
this capability costs 1.5 times as much as a normal GMS of the same
The disadvantage of these weapons (other than cost) is that area defense
systems defend against them at a +1 die type advantage (to account for
longer flight time--and therefore tracking time by the ADS).

Anti-Aircraft Missile Systems (AMS/P, AMS/L, AMS/M, AMS/H)

Anti-aircraft missile systems of different types are a less flexible but
cheaper system than Area Defense Systems and cannot be used to intercept
GMS.  AMS systems can, however, be a perfectly adequate weapon against
aerospace fighters and VTOL attack craft.  If in the same platoon as an
active ADS or if the friendly force has an on-board Command unit, the
operates as ZAD against aerospace vehicles.  If there is no on-board
Command unit, it has been destroyed, or is Systems Down, and the AMS is
in a platoon with an active ADS, then each AMS operates like a LAD
aerospace vehicles.  Against VTOL vehicles, the AMS operates like a GMS
the same size and guidance type.  AMS/P weapons are capable of being
by a single trooper and so can be purchased as an additional weapon by
rifle or close assault team.  AMS/L weapons can be broken down and
by troops, so special AMS/L teams can be purchase in the normal manner. 

Weapon Range Chits Mass Points
AMS/P	  12"	  1	3     100/150/200
AMS/L	  18"	  3	5     120/180/240
AMS/M	  24"	 4     7     140/210/280
AMS/H	  30"	  5	9     160/240/320

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