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Campaign maps available

From: "Imre A. Szabo" <ias@s...>
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 20:01:58 -0400
Subject: Campaign maps available

I have a bunch of stuff I've made to run a campaign.  It is very loosely
based on the MOOjr scenario of CIV II.	The campaign I'm GMing is going
to have one regular and several pick players.  The regular (ESU) is
starting on Orion in one of the center systems on the map, the casual
players (NAC, FSE, NSL) will be starting in the three corners and will
be run by the GM when other players aren't avialable (>50% of the
time).	  Here's a list of whats included.  Please reply off list if you
want me to send you a copy.

one 2-piece strategic map you will have to cut and past together.
one 1-piece strategic map (smaller hexes then the 2 piece map).
twentyeight system maps
one Excel workbook to keep track of the system economics

Notes:	This ZIPPED folder is 764kb.  All maps are in Adobe PDF format
and you will get a fonts error, but click ok.  Adobe doesn't like Corel
Draw fonts, but they will print ok.  All PDF files will print on 8.5x11
paper.	System maps are 7 hexes across and from 2 to 5 sites (except
Antares).  The strategic map is hexagonal in shape with 9 hexes a side.
The shaded area are dust clouds and there is no FTL movement into or
through them.

The Excel workbook has everything needed to keep track of all 28
system.  There are master charts where you can tinker with population
growth rates, income rates, system bonuses, etc.  All system charts have
absolute references to these master charts, so be careful, everything
will change automatically.  This also means you can cut and paste the
system charts to different sheets and formulas will still work.

Antares should be located in hypper space and is a GM race to amuse
himself with...


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