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Re: [FT] Missing ships

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 09:12:35 +0100
Subject: Re: [FT] Missing ships

>>The following are listed in the Fleet Book as having been sold
>>to other powers: -->8--
>>Now the question is...who bought them?


>Basically, I want to make sure that anyone who has a well-painted
>preferably one that has a picture on the web, has "first dibs" on
>ships (after Canon). Thus the "Dreamtime" painted ships of the OU.
>Second priority is to people who have written up some fiction or
>material which requires a ship of a particular class to be in a
>Thus the 2 FSE BCs of the OU.
>I think this is as good a method of allocation as any. Anyone want to
>of the Keys? Any reaction from The Tuffley?

Hey, don't drag me into this..... <grin>

Sometimes I think you guys have WAAAAY to much free time on your

Seriously, if you want to split 'em up between yourselves, then fine - I
doubt that the canon background will ever get [officially] developed in
much detail that it'll pin down the location of every ship, and frankly
wouldn't want it to - it would be very restrictive on players.

Just bear in mind certain things......
1) I'm going to be steadily expanding the mini ranges, and that means a
of new ship designs for minor powers to come (no, don't ask when,
be ready when they're ready!)
2) This may seem like sacrilege to some people, but the numbers of sales
listed in FB1 were just off the top of the head to give some "colour" to
the background bumf, and to give players who needed it the excuse to fit
almost any ship into their own fleets (I know it shouldn't normally
but it provides a loophole for those people who are unfortunate enough
have to play against the "it's not in the book, so you can't do it"

Jon (GZG)

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