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Re: [OFFICIAL] New UNSC ships out!!

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 1999 08:38:28 +0000
Subject: Re: [OFFICIAL] New UNSC ships out!!

>At 11:38 PM -0500 11/10/99, Adrian Johnson wrote:
>>oms, but from my experience, getting figs
>>from the UK is fast and very reasonably priced.  Plus you can order
>>INDIVIDUALS and that is great when filling out units...
>I just got Space Dreadnought 3000 (review coming, just typing my
>notes, $20.63 with shipping) from POP Enterprises (forgot to bookmark
>it :-(  in 5 days. Order Wed night (-8 hours from England) so first
>thing Thursday for POP, received it Monday. So US Customs must be on
>the stick too.
>And in short, SD3K is a well-balanced, remarkably fast-playing
>strategic boardgame kit. And 55 new ship minis on the market is a
>Good Thing.

Just a note, they are not actually "new" minis, they are the Pendraken
ships that have been available for some years. I'm not sure exactly what
the deal is between Pendraken and Kallistra (who publish the rules and
seem to sell the ships at all UK shows), Kallistra may have bought the
range or it may just be the same guys trading under a new name, but the
minis are the same.

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