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Re: [SG] Is this legal?

From: Aron_Clark@d...
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 1999 11:51:40 -0800
Subject: Re: [SG] Is this legal?

Yuck, dosen't the entire squad fire at the same target, I thought there
was some
mention of this in the rules.  I'd say that in order to get your two
shots off
the squad would have to be split.  I think the rational behind large
squads and
high fire power ratings is that they remian effective longer after
casulties.  I'm just learning the system though, so my interpetations
may be

Roger Books <> on 11/01/99 10:13:08 AM

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Subject:  [SG] Is this legal?

I'm just wondering is this legal:

I have a squad of 8 with automatic rifles/w grenade launchers,
this gives them a 3 firepower each.

Using my first action I have 4 troopers fire at my target for
an fp die of 12.  I then use my second action to have my remaining
4 troopers fire at the same target with an fp die of 12.

It feels a little "slimey", however, I'm not terribly thrilled with
the idea that having twice the firepower have no affect on the combat.

I think I may institute a house rule that once you have your fp
die of 12 excess troops start accumulating a new die if they have
a minimum combined firepower of at least 4.

So the above case could be resolved as <quality><d12><d12>, or,
if in the second range bracket <quality><d12><d8>.

I don't know, that mechanic might work, or maybe for every excess
4 fp you have the opponents cover mods are reduced by 1.

Would this break the system?


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