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Re: OGREs (and BattleTech) in DS2

From: Donald Hosford <hosford.donald@a...>
Date: Sun, 07 Mar 1999 18:35:51 -0500
Subject: Re: OGREs (and BattleTech) in DS2

Kevin Walker wrote:

> With the recent discussion of FMA modifications to the DS2 armor
> system I started looking at the issue of OGREs and BattleTech mechs
> representation in the game.

> With OGREs how would people feel if each module represented part of a
> assembly,  a main weapon, or a battery of secondary weapons.	This way
> can duplicate the original feeling of OGRE table top game of the huge
> slowly being chipped away at.  Of course this would wreck havoc with
> point system, but I'm not even remotely suggesting that this be
figured in.
> For those of us (including myself) that think these giants should
> have an Achilles' heel you could always add in a power module that can
> be shot at from certain directions (how about side/rear only) and has
> minimum (here comes the connection to the new FMA related suggestions)
> die roll of a target number (say half or so).
> Alright...  any comments.
> ----------------------------------------------------
> Kevin Walker

On Steve Jackon Games web site, check the Ourgames page for The Ogre/GEV

On the Articals page is an artical called something like: Ogres and the
(BBs as in the pellet fired by toy guns...)

The author of that artical had a similar critical hit idea....He felt
someone would get lucky once in a while, and hit the Ogre's critial
spot, it's
power plant, or it's computer brain.

I feel that it gives the ogre a vulnerable spot that the attacker may

Donald Hosford

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