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Re: [FT] More Thrust Cover

From: Beth Fulton <beth.fulton@m...>
Date: Mon, 01 Mar 1999 11:55:52 +1000
Subject: Re: [FT] More Thrust Cover

G'day John,

Jon (GZG) in answer to John:
>The FT108 on the MT cover was painted by Dave Garnham (who now works
for us 
>at GZG), many years ago. As far as I can remember, it was painted
>blue and then each raised panel individually painted in white (with a 
>brush), which is the way Dave likes to do ships - yes, it's a slow
>but one that gives very good results. Much neater than the reverse
>you mention above. 

I did something similar with my FSE. Base coat black, hevay dry/wet
brush of royal blue then indiviually paint the panels in one of three
different shades of blue (patch-work like). Then pick out all the
triangles/holes/engine interiors/some of those straight ridges in red, 
and all lights and remaining straight ridges were white. Very time 
consuming, but quite nice - even if I do say so myself ;)

John in answer to Jon (GZG):
>On a semi-related note, has anyone come up with a Sa'Vasku paint scheme
>that they'd like to share?  I've got a whole bunch of them now, and I'm
>sure how to approach them.  I'm going to grab some books about insects
>crustaceans from work tomorrow, and see if I can find any inspiration
>there, but it's always good to hear suggestions from others.

So far we've painted up to Sa'Vasku "fleets". 
First one (painted by Derek):
1. Undercoat/base coat with matt black
2. Dry brush entire body with orange
3 Dry brush outer edges of body and all of
the legs a lighter orange
4 Dry brush very edges of body plus legs
5. Starting about 3/4 way up leg for first
coat and then successively further down
the leg for each coat after that dry brush
on dark yellow, yellow, ivory and white.
6. Pick out the bulgy-pustule-eye bits with
a solid colour (he used cream or red)

This looks pretty nitfty and doesn't take

Second one (I painted it for a friend).
1. Undercoast/base coat with matt black.
2. Paint the entire body with deep blue
(navy blue - particularly Ral Patha's darkest
3. Paint the legs + small areas between the 
legs (like webbing in webbed feet) + any
big spheres on the main body - like on the
"mothership" - + inside
of "u" bits on the tail end of the critters (well
I thought they were the tail end) + any deep
crevasses - like the ones which run across
 the middle of the smaller ones - a very deep
4. With progressively lighter shades of purple 
(I used 2 shades - 2 citadel purples) paint
along the ridges of the legs (sort of like
concentric half ellipses) and inside the "u" bits.
5. Using a purply-pink paint 1 set of veins on the
legs and body spheres., using a very bright (fluro
or light pink) paint finer veins on the legs and
body spheres.
6. Pick out any of the knobbles on the legs with
a very light pink.
7. Paint the main body of the beast (except for any
gills/deep holes etc.) a slightly lighter deep blue
(like citadels deep blue)
8. Paint (could dry-brush) the ridges/detail on the
body with bluey-grey (space wolf grey from citadel
I think it was) and then pick out the odd feature
(like the rim around the big sphere and a couple of
the holes) with a very light bluey grey (another
citadel "grey").
9. Ink the legs purple - can add a little water to the
ink, but not much.
10. Ink the legs blue - once again not much water.

This looks good (very organic), but takes a while.

I wouldn't mind getting some Sa'vasku myself
and use a scheme which is essentially
black with that irridescence effect you get
on beetle shells - yet to figure how to do that
with paint. Either that or you could always go
for a "shadows" inspired appearance (I must have
a thing for painting very fine lines with 20/0 brushes!!)

Anyway there's some ideas for you John.
Have fun.



Elizabeth Fulton
c/o CSIRO Division of Marine Research
GPO Box 1538
Phone (03) 6232 5018 International +61 3 6232 5018
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