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Re: Jump Ships

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Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 18:10:05 EST
Subject: Re: Jump Ships

In a message dated 99-01-21 17:56:45 EST, you write:

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 > Okay, this is great.  I"m thining a thrust-2 ship that can carry
 > mass 33 thrust 4, cargo 20 ships.  Just add 4 pulse torps to the
 > ships".....
 Sure, no problem. As long as you pay for it in a "bring-and-buy" battle
 (even if you don't put it on the table) it's OK - if you use the FT2
 design system the tug will be Mass 264 (that's a *HUGE* ship in FT2)
 cost over 1700 points; in the FB it'll be much smaller and cheaper
 77, cost 231 minimum, but then you have *no* defences on the tug

This is mostly for the UBW stuff that I'm working on.  I figure that it
be easer to modife the cargo ships than get 2nd hand warships, altho we
have 17.
 ...if you really mean "Mass 33, thrust 4, cargo 20" for the
 you'll only be able to give them Fragile hulls - ie, 3 hull boxes each.
 I'd give them 19 cargo spaces and Weak hulls instead; 7 hull boxes
 exactly much either, but it is a lot better... and you'll still be able
 to fit 4 pulse torps and 3 HS of FCs and defences.

Yep, trying to keep costs down, this is for mechant shiping, if used in
battle it would be the same as a q-ship.
 Oerjan Ohlson>>

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