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FT-ST thoughts (was: RE: Directional armor & shields)

From: Ground Zero Games <jon@g...>
Date: Thu, 14 Jan 1999 09:38:22 +0000
Subject: FT-ST thoughts (was: RE: Directional armor & shields)

>>I'm sorry gentlemen, but this smacks way too much of SFB.
>Just what I though this sounds like FT-SFB. However if you
>are designing a Star Trek background for FT then you might
>want to have the option of directional shields. Personally
>I would try and abstract below this detail level even for ST
>-= tim jones =-

Just a completely off-the-cuff thought that sprang to mind while reading
this post (and the couple of preceding ones), on the subject of St*r
simulations with FT -

To do FT Trek games, represent Shields like armour in FT (the new FB
version), but using the "directional" concept outlined already in this
thread, ie: each Shield only protects from damage coming through 1 arc,
is represented by a number of boxes/circles like FB armour. Knocking
off as it is hit represents the weakening of shields so often seen on
when all of one arc's shield is gone then damage hits the ship as
The difference between this and armour is that the shield generators may
re-inforce damaged shields (by a limited amount) at the END of a turn,
provided they are still functional. Thus, you can overload a single
in one turn and burn through it before it can be regenerated.
To fully replicate the ST "feel", you'd probably also need rules to
switching power from undamaged shields to reinforce damaged ones, and so

Note this ISN'T a suggestion for including in "general" FTgames, just
ST-specific ones.....

Jon (GZG)

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