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(FT) Fleet Book Kra'Vak

From: Steven Arrowsmith <arrowjr@u...>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 10:34:11 -0500 (EST)
Subject: (FT) Fleet Book Kra'Vak

Heres another rant...

Since it is slow this morning, I have had a chance to read through all
KraVak railgun proposals. Their are some very good ideas here, their
to be two camps here. The "trash can" group, and the single solid
penetrator  group. Why dont we use both, one set of rules covering
can" type shots - lets say scatterguns" and their big brother the class1
railgun, if we go this rout we will need to come up rules allowing
to be used as point defense systems, up to a set distance. These could
also be used as area-defense weapons. This would allow a different set
rules covering major anti-ship railguns know as class 2 and 3, and above
if we want. 

I read a proposal to use the range as the number need to be rolled. I
personally like this idea, simple and quick. I would take it one step
more, when firing a big railgun, measure the distance, and divide that
half and add 1 to the number needed, not rolled. Thus a 1 is always a
miss. If we give the following dice; class1 = 2d6, class2 = 3d6, and
class3 = 4d6. We see a	effective range of 10" for a class1, 22" for a
class2, and 34" for a class3, about the same as Human beams, with
Range twice that. 

When a hit is scored, look at the "to-hit" die roll. Add them together,
this is the damage done to the target. Any roll of 6, regardless of
modifier, is a reroll . If firing against Kra'Vak Armoured hulls,
2 from each die for damage. If the target is using Human armour, then
the damage scored (round up) is taken on the armour, and the remainder
applied directly to the hull.

Looking at the stats, I can agree with Sean Bayan Schoonmaker, on the
point cost, but the mass of the Class3 railgun is way to high.

Class 1 RAILGUN - 1 MASS, 3-arc fire
Class 2 RAILGUN - 3 MASS, 2-arc fire
Class 3 RAILGUN - 9 MASS, 1-arc fire

Example a  MT Vo'Bok class Hunter Cruiser carries 22 mass of weapons. 2
Class3, 2 Class1s , 4 scatterguns and 2 Firecontrols. For a Average Hull
Human, with a thrust rating of 6 , and 22 mass of equipment, the ship
would have a displacement of  72 - a little heavy for a light/hunter
cruiser. This is also without amour.

Please review MT page 24, for a overall capabilities of a Kra'Vak

Remember the Kra'Vaks are alien terrors.. 


			       Steven Arrowsmith

		    I Would Rather live a Lie, Thinking I Can.
			 Than know The Truth That I Can't

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