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Re: Railgun Goals II

From: Sean Bayan Schoonmaker <schoon@a...>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 06:51:03 -0800
Subject: Re: Railgun Goals II

>> 1) Roll d6s vs. a target number. Both target number and number of
>> decreases with range.
>     A variation of the 'Shotgun Effect'.   using more than one die to
>determine damage at range, rather than simply reducing the damage on
>single die.  This will work.	JTL

We could say 6" range bands where target # drops by one for each band,
number of dice drops one for each two bands. 0-6" hits on a 2-6. 6-12"
on a
3-6, etc. That gives a class 1 RG a 0-12 range, class 2 RG 0-24, etc. It
somewhat matches beam ranges, which I think is good.

>> 3) Target thrust capability determines number of dice thrown, which
>> against a target number that decreases with range. # of hits may
>> damage multiplier. [This is sort of a variation of #1]
>     A somewhat more simple comcept, but with the same theme, would
>be: see chart.

I'm against charts of modifiers. I'd rather keep it really simple.
verying the number of dice and modifying the roll with target thrust
produces very different results.

Say that regardless of class, RGs roll:
4 dice for Thr 1-2
3 dice for Thr 3-4
2 dice for Thr 5-6
1 die for Thr 7+

Combine it with the above concept of varying hit # with range...

Range 0-12: 2+ hits
Range 12-24: 4+ hits
Range 24-36: 6 hits

That's a VERY different mechanic which I think addresses many of the

Then say that the number of hits determines the damage multiplier... I
like it.


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