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RE: [FT] Railgun Goals

From: Thomas Anderson <thomas.anderson@u...>
Date: Thu, 26 Nov 1998 15:43:53 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: RE: [FT] Railgun Goals

On Wed, 25 Nov 1998, Dean Gundberg wrote:
> Schoon wrote:
> > 1) The "To-Hit" mechanic should reflect a projectile flavor. In my
> > that means performance should be relatively constant out to a given
> > and then drop off quickly.
> Why drop off quickly?  The projectile is at a constant velocity so
> the drop off rate for the to-hit roll be constant?  I like the PSB
that the
> projectile (one big one not a lot of BBs) is of similar size on all
> railguns, but the larger guns are able to accelerate it to higher

hey! not so much of the 'pseudo' - that is certified weapons-grade
_authentic_ scientific bulls**t! it's a serious idea; it explains things
and fits in with physics as we know it.

> Also on armor, why not let the K'V have their own type of armor,
> from the human alabative armor.  K'V armor would stay as it was in MT,
> acting like screens but without the possibility of it going down due
> thresholds.  It would talk up a percentage of mass very similar to
> but increase the cost per mass used a point. Then the basic hull
> classes can stay and don't need modification for the K'V.

nice idea; it certainly has a different feel to ablat. however, the fact
that it does not change with damage should make it costlier.


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