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Re: FTFB General Question

From: Rob Paul <rpaul@w...>
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 18:07:35 +0000
Subject: Re: FTFB General Question

At 19:52 24/11/98 -0500, you wrote:
>> Do many people use the national fleets presented in the Fleet Book to
>> up the bulk of their forces?  If so, which fleet design do you like
>> best, or have the most success with?

I almost always win, 'cos I almost always play solo. :-(
I only recently got my first GZG ships (an NSL fleet pack- I got a BB,
(Max.), 2 CE,
2 DD and 3 CT,= 1478 points) having mostly used Micromachines in the
My 3 MM Sulacos fit in pretty well to boost the squadron.  I chose NSL
as I
liked the look of the models, as well as the "beams and armour" style of

My main fleet is Scottish, using my own designs and mainly prehistoric
Garrison models I've had since I was at school.  My heavy units mainly
Pulse torps and Class 2 batteries;  mobility tends to be medium; most
of superdestroyer size and over feature ADFC and large PDS
The fleet also will include a single monster dreadnought (Mass 300), the
Great Michael, as a reminder that we once had the world's biggest
I also have a large heavy cruiser\escort, with Class 2 beams, ADFC and
and superdestroyers (of WW2 Italian inspiration!) for salvo missile

An example:
SDN William Wallace
      System				       Mass		    
Mass 200					  0		     200
Hull Integrity					 60		     120
FTL						 20		      40
Thrust-4					 40		      80
Screen-1					 10		      30
3 FCS						  3		      12
ADFC						  2		       8
2 PT, 2 arc (PF,F)				 10		      30
2 PT, 2 arc (SF,F)				 10		      30
5 PT, 1 arc (F) 				 20		      60
3 Class 2, 3 arc (PA,PF,F)			  6		      18
3 Class 2, 3 arc (PF,F,SF)			  6		      18

3 Class 2, 3 arc (F,SF,SA)			  6		      18
7 PDS						  7		      21

Totals						200		     685 

In a couple of tryout duels with a Teggethof, the NSL ship has been
its head.
Lest I be accused of munchkinism, my carriers and frigates are pretty


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