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RE: 25mm Grav Bikes and Rules

From: Wayne <w.pollerd@u...>
Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 11:39:40 +0000
Subject: RE: 25mm Grav Bikes and Rules

At 10:43 AM 18/11/98 -0500, Thomas Barclay wrote in response to my post:

>> Mounted infantry shooting.
>> --------------------------
>> Due to the need to concentrate on manoeuvring their bikes across the
>> field the mounted infantry do not have a lot of time to aim at
>> targets.  In fact a lot of their fire is just pointing their weapons
in the
>> general direction of the enemy and letting rip with a burst of fire,
>> it inaccurate at anything over close range.	Hence mounted infantry
>> can only be fired at close range (within one range band).  Due to the
>> to use one hand to steer and the fact that heavy and support weapons
are to
>> cumbersome to carry on a bike, mounted infantry can only be armed
>> infantry weapons. (No heavy weapons or support weapons)  The one
>> to this is that mounted infantry may carry IAVRs strapped to their
>> IAVRs can only be fired when dismounted.
>You have ignored the possibility of SAWs, APSWs, HMGs, or class 1 
>weapons mounted on these bikes. (A la Star Wars speeder bike). 


I didn't want the bikes to have the option of mounting an intergral
so it was left out on purpose.	I wrote these rules after reading Owen
Glovers light horse TO&E and thinking that giving all jet bikes an
intergral heavy weapon made them too powerful and that treating them all
like a size 1 vehicle distracted from the whole point of StarGrunt being
infantry game.
If you want your bikes to all have a heavy weapon then you would be
off using the bike stats that Owen wrote in his light horse TO&E and
treating them like individual vehicles and using the existing rules with
the addition of some sort of unit integrity rule for them (I remember
posting something along these lines recently) 

The point of the rules was to create what is in effect another infantry
squad type.  The rules are really just modifications of the existing
to take into account the fact that the infantry are mounted on bikes.  I
wanted there to be advantages (increased speed) and disadvantages (no
weapons and shorter ranged when mounted) so that game balance could be

>From an OU organisation and mission point of veiw, I see these squads
having about four or five members, with standard ACR's with GL )to make
for the fact that they don't have heavier weapons) and being used to
ambushs where they dismount, seek some cover, open up with their weapons
and IAVR's when something juicy comes along then quickly pulling back,
mounting up again and ziping off to the next ambush site.
And Brian Burger wrote in response to Thomas Barclay:

SNIP stuff about suppressions effecting mounted infantry.
>> If I was on a grav bike 
>> getting fired at, I may move, or I may do an emergency grounding and 
>> get behind my bike....

>Given the above rules for regular vehicles, how do we then treat
>troops? How about the following: After the _first_ suppression chit,
>mounted units may move but not fire - they're more interested in
>cover. If a second or third suppression chit is added, units may
>move nor fire until suppression is cleared, as per normal infantry - at
>this point, the mounted troopers bail off their bikes and hunker down.
I like your ideas mind if I steal them, maybe change them a little (I'm
sure if I like the crash dismount thing), and include them in my rules??


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