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GEV capabilities

From: Adrian Johnson <ajohnson@i...>
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 1998 10:14:43 -0500
Subject: GEV capabilities

>Just curious, what kind of terrain do you guys believe GEVs can
traverse? How
>far off eh ground does it hover or porpel itself? Have any of you
>Activisions Battlezone? IMO this is one of the best implementations of
>tanks. A Gev can skim along pretty deftly over terrain and can "jump
>distances but it can't hope over steep hills or terrain features. It
has to
>generate sufficient power to lift it's heavy mass against eth pull of
>SO the point I'm getting at is, a GEV could not traverse a cliff, or a
>or even a stiff hill. Does this jive with your guys impressions of GEV
>capabilities or do you see it like a helicopter, capable of rising to
>it wishes . (I believe the pop up ability of a GEV is a function of teh
>of its power plant and mass).

Is GEV "Gravitic Effect Vehicle" or "Ground Effect Vehicle"??	If
Gravitic, then I figure it could fly like a helicopter - to orbit
potentially (though the vehicle would have to be vacuum tight).  If
Effect, you'd have to have a REALLY powerful set of lift fans to get an
armoured vehicle to hop over any significant terrain (say, larger than a
car).  Hovercraft float on a contained cushion of air - remove the
containment and down they go.  Present hovercraft can go over limited
obstacles, but mostly by momentum/inertia not by the lift power of the
- these are really just to keep the cushion skirts "inflated".	

Just to throw in a monkey wrench:

Q:  if a Ground Effect (hovercraft) tank fires it's main gun, won't it
propelled in the opposite direction - in other words, there's nothing to
push back against the recoil...  This would not be a problem if you had
directional fans providing propulsion AND the gun was firing in a
opposite to the thrust of the fans AND you had "burst" thrust capability
the engines to compensate for the momentary thrust of the cannon

There are some potentially very serious performance
for ground effect armoured vehicles...

For example: How do you stop them once they are moving...  A tank has
of inertia, and a GEV is like an air-hockey puck...???

Armoured vehicles have a maximum side incline rating (the vehicle can
an incline of x degrees, descend a y degree incline, and traverse an
incline of z degrees tipped to the side without rolling over...).  How
would a ground effect vehicle traverse ANY side incline - would it not
"slide off" to that side...????

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