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Date: Sun, 15 Nov 1998 10:15:56 +1000
Subject: [DS][SG] Mech Inf was RE: [ds] Ogres

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>I wonder if these leasons will need to be relearned in a Stargrunt/DSII
>universe full of GEV's, Hover Tanks and Power suited infantry. Anyone
>combined arms doctrine changes to take into account all this new
>Fi technology ?    

Well, there are two aspects to this in the GZG worlds.

Firstly, in 2183 we will see the current (2183) doctrine as the product
the constant reaction and adaptation to infantry/armour co-ordination on
battlefield. It won't be a sudden jump to GEV/PA. So as always army DOC
staffs will be researching and producing guidlines on an ongoing basis.

Mind you, on outworld colonies that have jsut taken delivery of their
squadron of GEV MBTs and have no experienced personnel who have worked
GEV/PA in the field there will be a situation where they start to write
their own as teh systems are incorporated into the military forces or
will simply adopt the doctrine of their parent worlds/governemnts.

Mind you too many people confuse Doctrine at an army level and the SOPs
of a
unit on deployment!!


Owen G

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