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FT: Stellar Conquest Campaign

From: Jeff Lyon <jefflyon@m...>
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 20:21:34 -0600
Subject: FT: Stellar Conquest Campaign

At 09:17 AM 11/14/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Well guys,
>Here's what I'm thinking of doing.  I'm going to be using Stellar
>Conquest as campaign system.

Good idea!  I used it the same way for Starfire a number of years ago. 
believe I used a conversion rate of about 1:10 for the economics.

>Every fourth turn has a production phase.

You can easily change that if seems more appropriate.  I had an economic
phase every turn and it worked fine, but that's more in keeping with
Starfire.  YMMV.  Every third turn would also work, giving you
economics phases and monthly combat phases.

I also ditched the game's tech tree in favor of Starfire's.  Any
on how to handle it for Full Thrust?

>Ship maintence per turn is going to be the NPV/12.  From one
>economic phase to the next, the maintence cost will be 1/3 the
>cost of the ship. 

Or 100% of cost annually.  Might be a trifle steep.

>All hulls include one months endurance built in.  Each mass of
>cargo can carry 10 economic points for all purposes, including

Very reasonable.  What about colonists?  Since populations are counted
the millions, that's a whole lot of cargo ships.  One problem you're
to run into is that you may find the cost of colony ships
low compared to FT ship costs.	IIRC, a colony can essentially
itself by building enough ships in one economic turn to transport all of
their people.

In some of the computer adaptations of these basic rules, they allow
colonists to be turned into troops which were used to conquer enemy
planets.  Any thoughts along those lines or do you plan to stick to the
"surrender to any warship" rule?

>Any comments, suggestion, or insults???

Sounds good.  Couple of questions/comments/suggestions from my

How are you handling FTL, both in and out of Nebulae?  Any combat in
space?	Will you be using nebulae rules for fights in a nebulae?

I built in a construction delay for ships (buy now, build, get later)
meant that it was possible to raid enemy construction facilities and try
knock out ships before they could be completed.

Occasionally, the defender could also use a partially finished ship in
defense.  You might do sort of a "reverse threshold" system for this; if
using you stick to the economics every four turns model, then you could
have a partially completed ship with a proportional number of damage
and roll thresholds prior to the battle to see what systems are online.

I note that missile bases cost about half what a ship of similar
would.	That might be a good thing to keep.  Or you might have them be
non-FTL defense ships.

I also found it useful to determine how much collateral damage weapons
at a planet will do.  Something like "X number of points of damage to
destroy 1 million colonists" would be useful.  For Starfire, I think I
10 (or was it 100?) points of damage per million colonists.  You might
just limit it to certain weapons like missiles and ortillery.

Any thoughts on how to handle planetary shields?  Those tend to force
game to a conclusion in the original, but that may not be something you
want in a campaign game.

Sounds good!  I'm looking forward to hearing more.


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