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Date: Sat, 14 Nov 1998 17:56:16 EST
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	The Marines in WWII were the first to pioneer telephone boxes in
 the rear of the chasis of a tank.  Only the PL HQ would have a radio.
 When a squad was hunkered down behind the tank, following it for cover,
 they had to have a way to communicate to the tank (yelling just won't
I was under the impression that it was the Army not the USMC who first
put the
telephone boxes on tanks. I no longer have it, but  USMC Lt. Col. Joseph
Alexander wrote a book about 3 years ago called "Utmost Savagery" about
1943 Tarawa campaign. If I remember correctly, one of the problems the
had was infantry/armor coordination. By this point in the was the Army,
on leasons learned in North Africa and Italy had tried to solve this
by using the telephone boxes. The other thing of course was to train
tanks and
infantry to fight as a team and be sensitive to each others concerns and
tactical limitations. 
There were even "leasons learned" monographs published and distributed
throughout the ETO containing this type of information. For some reason,
never made it to the Pacific in time for the first of the big "Storm
on Tarawa. By Iwo Jima, though, these leasons were learned and
incorporated in
to tactical doctrine.

I wonder if these leasons will need to be relearned in a Stargrunt/DSII
universe full of GEV's, Hover Tanks and Power suited infantry. Anyone
combined arms doctrine changes to take into account all this new fangled
Fi technology ?    

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