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Re: [DS and SG] Regiments of the Crown

From: Randall Case <tgunner@e...>
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 1998 20:57:36 -0600
Subject: Re: [DS and SG] Regiments of the Crown

> > 1st Battalion, Alabama Territorial Regiment (The Queen's Own
Huntsville Rifles)
> > 1st Battalion, Tennessee Territorial Regiment (Duke of Nashville's
Light Infantry)
> The Duke of Nashville? Now that is rather humorous.

<snickers in amusement>Yeah, most of these were tongue-in-cheek. You
would have loved
The King's Own Memphis Rifles ; )

> Interesting outlook. Probably somewhat akin to what would actually be
> assembled from the polyglot of forces available.

Cool : )

Here is the TO&E for the Huntsville Rifles:

HHC: 1 Command APC and Team. 3 Air Defense Vehicles (use DSII generic
stats), 6 militia
squads (Regulars, assorted HQ ash and trash) organized into two ad hoc
assorted ash and trash vehicles to represent various support and combat
support units, 6
light scout cars (class two vehicles: I used U.K. Fox scout cars), and 6
APCs armed with
light artillery (class 3 vehicles with RAM mortars)

Alpha Company: Three rifle platoons split into two sections, each
section with two rifle
squads (aka teams armed with IVARs- one section is led by the platoon
leader, the other
is led by the platoon sergeant) and one APSW team. Depending on the
scenario, each
platoon or section is treated as a unit. All squads are a mix of regular
and veteran
troops (2:1 ratio). One heavy weapons platoon with three sections (Each
section has one
GMS-L team and one APSW team- each section is treated as a unit with the
APSW team as
the command team). One command section with two  teams (0ne is the
company command team,
the other is an air-defense team).

Bravo and Charlie Companys are similar to Alpha company.

A typical combat team for use in Dirt Side would be two companies of
infantry supported
by a slice of the HHC and perhaps a company of armor and other support
units as needed.
I used BattleTech's House Davion infantry minis for these troops (the
1:300 scale).

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