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Re: Spreadsheets and such...

From: "Jared E Noble" <JNOBLE2@m...>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 14:02:51 -0900
Subject: Re: Spreadsheets and such...

FYI, there are several spreadsheets for ship construction at the FT
computer core.

When you post yours, send a link (possibly the spreadsheet itself) to
I'll let Tim share his e-mail address with you, or contact me via

FYI, my spreadsheet (FTFBDesign v0.3) is an updated version of Schoon's
(also posted.)	Mine adds a few new options, is compatible with the
(using tinysheet or Quicksheet) and has the ability (currently buggy) of
for your ship's mass based on the systems and performance you specify.

For those interested there have been several improvements made recently
(special thanks to Richard Slattery help in finding some errors).  I am
going to
re-test it, tweak a few more things, then re-submit it.

I believe Jon/GZG has been very positive about homebrewed tools, as with
other 'extensions' to the GZG rules.  however, If you are thinking about
your program you may wish to inquire further.

(Jon, anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong here.)

Jared Noble

"Andy Akins" <> on 10/02/98 11:12:36 AM

Please respond to

To:   "Ground Zero List" <>
cc:    (bcc: Jared E Noble/AAI/ARCO)
Subject:  Spreadsheets and such...

A question to the list...

I see that many people out there have done what I am doing, made a
spreadsheet for helping with ship construction for Full Thrust. My
is - what are Ground Zero's rules/restrictions on making said
available to others?

I don't want to step on Jon's (or anyone else's) toes...but if possible
might post my sheet on my web site.


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