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Re: ATTN Jon T: Free CalTex Government and Society?

From: Brian Bell <brian.bell@a...>
Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 23:16:00 -0700
Subject: Re: ATTN Jon T: Free CalTex Government and Society?

Another touchy topic bound to offend someone. <sigh>

Here are my thoughts. Feel free to ignore any that don't make sense or
are unagreeable.

When Parham declaired martial law, California, New Mexico, Texas and
other states opposed the declairation (FT p. 42 y2049). As the
passification of the US continued, freedom fighters migrated to these
states. As LLAR laid claim to the three (FT p. 24 y2057), desension
festered in the freedom fighters. The non-latino populous did not want
to change one oppressor for another. The freedom fighters loose 30% of
thier forces to attrition (about evenly split between those going to
LLAR and NAC). The 70% fight on now using guerilla tactics. Most of the
freedom fighters surrender or "go to ground" when the LLAR betrays them
by ceding all of North America to the NAC in a peace agreement. The
majority of these are forced to immigrate to Austin and Fenris. While
these worlds were not "penal" colonies, the lack of even substandard
equipment forced the immigrates to be little more than serfs to the NAC
government. During the following 87 years, like-minded people quietly
immigrated to these two worlds. Among them were some of the wealthiest
corporations and individuals (seeing potential profit). Also, the
frontier nature and spirit of the worlds attracted some of the best
smugglars. By 2157, they had enough smuggled weapons and sympathetic
corporations/individuals that they assembled a small fleet of ships and
a large underground militia. Seeing the NAC as distracted (and weak
economically) from the Second Solar War, they made thier bid for
independance under the mutual defence confederation of Free Cal-Tex.
After much posturing (FT p.43 y2159), the NAC decided that it was not
economically benificial to pacify the two worlds.
 After achieving independance, the members were loathe to surrender
thier new freedom to another oppressive government (even if it was thier
own). To this end they decided to confederate the settlements. The
confederation provided that each city would have its own governing body.
Each of these city-states would choose how to govern themselves. But, a
tax of 10% of income would be levyed to each city-state for the upkeep
of the mutual defense force. And all members must serve a 3 year term of
duty in the mutual defense force. A senate (1 from each city-state)
would decide on disputes between the city-states.
 Some of the cities are democracies. These tend to be very descrimitory.
These also tend to fail under the pressure for bread and circuses.
Others are an elected republic. While these tend to last longer, they
often fall into corruption. Others fall prey to facist ideas. These tend
fail when the leader dies or is discraced. Thus, the Free Cal-Tex
society is a fluid mix of ideas, constantly pulling against itself. Only
one thing unites them: Hatred of OUTSIDE oppression.

Brian Bell

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