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RE: Figure Identification help request (SG2 Mercs from GZG)

From: "Glover, Owen" <oglover@m...>
Date: Tue, 21 Jul 1998 14:26:48 +1000
Subject: RE: Figure Identification help request (SG2 Mercs from GZG)

Well, the figure with the long arm weapon I'm pretty sure is a sniper
rifle (note the cam cloth wrapped around the fore stock). Bruce Matthews
runs one in his Merc HQ squad.

The second figure; does his jacket have a furlined collar? I believe
this is the "Squad Leader"The weapon isn't specified other than 'comabat
rifle'(have a look at 2300; almost a carbon copy of a laser rifle). 

I have the actual codes at home in a Eureka Miniatures catalogue.

Owen G

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From: Thomas Barclay []
Sent: Tuesday, 21 July 1998 2:52
Subject: Figure Identification help request (SG2 Mercs from GZG)

G'day, List Members,

I have an unidentified figure. Came in a platoon pack from GZG. 
Figure is a Merc. Standing. Bush hat, goggles. Has a weapon in his 
hands that doesn't look at all like the standard over and under 
combat rifle. Looks like a more early-era combat rifle - magazine in 
front of the trigger gaurd, large flash hider/muzzle break with 
grooving. The butt of the rifle is under his right arm, the barrel
points at a point just beyond his left toe. He has prominent webbing 
pouches on his chest (one on each side) which may be mag pouches. He 
has a small pouch at belt level on the right just behind the rifle 

Who is he? What's his stock number? What's the weapon he's carrying? 
I haven't been able to find a pic of this guy on the net, he doesn't 
seem to match any of the descriptions I've seen, AND I've only got 
one and would like to get more. 

I also have a weapon question about another merc - he looks like he's 
wearing torso armour, he has a beret, standing, and he's holding some 
form of rifle/carbine. It doesn't look like the standard over and 
under rifle. It is thin, not long enough to be a sniper rifle, and 
he's holding it across his torso with his right hand. The weapon 
seems to taper towards the front and has a bunch of grooving along 
the bottom of the weapon (maybe a handgrip?). It doesn't seem to have 
room for a big magazine, but their is some sort of downward 
protrusion in front of where I assume the trigger is... 

If it was Traveller, I'd guess from size, tapered barrel and lack of 
an apparent magazine that it was a laser carbine of some sort. But in 
the world of GZG, it could be a shotgun, a laser rifle, whatever. 
Anyone know what this figure is known as (stock number wise) and what 
the weapon is?

Thanks for the help fellahs. The Mercs are excellent figures, and I 
definitely want to get some more, but I want to add some specific 
ones and know what the arms are supposed to be.... (*grin*)

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