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Lazy Man's Cammo

From: "Tom Sullivan" <starkfist@h...>
Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 07:03:13 PDT
Subject: Lazy Man's Cammo

	First of all, you should all understand that I am a
fundamentally lazy 
man.  Secondly, you should know that I just purchased a new printer: a 
Canon model that prints with an oil-based ink.	These two factors have 
led to my recent wonderings about the viability of creating cammo 
patterns using decals.	It is possible to obtain blank decal paper, and 
it is equally possible to use a printer to make decals with it—several 
of my ships have names that we produced in this fashion, using the laser

printer at my former place of employment.    However, now I am thinking 
big.  I have never been able to produce good cammo patterns on my 25mm 
vehicles, and doing it on a substantial force of 6mm tanks can take a 
good long while.  Thus, the following ideas:

	ClarisWorks has a drawing program which allows the user to
create "3D" 
grayscale shapes—circles and polygons that appear convex or concave, 
depending on the setting.  Using these shapes on a black or gray 
background could produce a sort of high-tech looking urban cammo 

	You can do large, irregular polygons using any sort of drawing
Personally, I can’t paint a straight line, so this will make my life 
tremendously easier when doing some of the urban cammo patterns that I 
have been working on.  You can also make dazzle patterns for Full Thrust

ships this way, and I have been toying with the idea of doing just this 
for the NAC ships that will be my next purchase.

	I am also thinking of just making lines of various lengths, and
them to make a network across a 25mm vehicle or two.  There’s also the 
"spraypaint" effect in most paint programs—this will allow the creation 
of impromptu appearing cammo patterns, and can also be used to create a 
spray of dots across a conventional cammo patten.

	Just some thoughts, of dubious worth.  What do you guys think?	
Workable, or am I merely dreaming?

Tom Sullivan
"American Non-Sequiter Society: We don’t make sense, but puppies sure 
are cute!"

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