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Silly ship designs

From: mehawk@c... (Michael Sandy)
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 23:24:06 -0800
Subject: Silly ship designs

Do internal docking bays cost the same as the mass
of the ship you wish to dock?

I had a silly idea:
a 100 mass ship with a Nova Gun and enough internal
docking for two non-ftl Wave Gun frigates.

The idea is that your opponent would scan it and
proceed to target a 50 damage point ship when
suddenly two more nasty area ships join in.

The cost is comparable to a standard Dreadnought.
Since nothing else works when you fire a Nova Gun,
what else should be on a Nova Gun equipped ship
except cargo capacity?

I suppose shields might be nice to help it survive
to get in range.

Topping the really silly fleet list of course would
be the Wave Gun volley squad.  Team it up with an
AA beam battleship and the Wave Guns destroy any
attacking missiles or fighters and the AA beams
kill everything further away.

Lets see, 900 points for 10 Wave gun frigates and
about 600 for the AA Battlecruiser.  Yes, there
are lots of fleets which would kick its butt, but
a Wave Gun is the most cost effective Fleet anti-fighter
weapon there is.  The ability to kill a whole squadron
before it gets into range?  Neat.

I have a serious question:
Once fighters have used up their fighting endurance they
have to head back to their Carrier, because they can
no longer maneuver a whole lot, shouldn't they be more
vulnerable to ADAFs and other fighters?

Similarly, is a fighter group considered to be in
combat in any turn in which it is fired at?

There is a way to nail those pesky attack fighters,
hit them well short of their target ship with a
piddling ADAF escort.  Make them use up all their
attacks short of the fleet, or at least make them
run home sooner.

Michael Sandy

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