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Bugs using phermones & 15MM Aliens/Predators/Marines figs

From: Andy Cowell <cowell@u...>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 13:43:31 -0500
Subject: Bugs using phermones & 15MM Aliens/Predators/Marines figs

This is an idea from, on the
Kryomek conversion for SG2.  Basically, it uses the SG2 communication
scheme for phermone communication.  Note that if the communication is
unsuccessful, the units operate "instinctively," and to keep them from
activating, you must first pass your communication roll.

"At the beginning of each Kryomek unit's activation, a Communication
test must be made from the Warmaster to the unit member with the
highest Leadership rating (all Kryomek have LR of 1, +1 for every
wound). If successful, the unit may be moved as normal; if
unsuccessful, the unit counts as uncontrolled. The Warmaster may
attempt to control units outside his Control Radius, but at shift two
die shifts down. A unit may only go unactivated, but only AFTER
passing this control test."


By the way, I saw this recently on r.g.m.m.  I ordered the basic pack
(5 Marines, 29 aliens, rules) for $10, and 8 Skullhunters for $4,
shipping $3.  They are supposed to ship on Tuesday; I'll review when I
get them.

Oddly enough, when I called to order last week, I was told by an
automated message the area code had changed.  When I just called to
get the new area code message agin, the call went through.

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Subj: Re: 15mm SF minis?
From: (Los)

Date: 06 Nov 1997 04:48:15 GMT
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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Do they have a website?


In article <>, 
>>I heard that freikorps 15 makes a 15mm miniatures sf line with stuff
>>colonial marines etc.
>Outland Games in Ohio has this line. They call it parasite and includes
> parasites (similiar to aliens of the movies), Skullhunters (similiar
> Predators), colonila marine types and civilians. Chris has a great
> deal that will get you a simple set of home grown rules and about 32
> for $10.00.
>Faron Betchley
>Little Wars
>11213K Lee Highway
>Fairfax Virginia 22030
>(703) 352-9222

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