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From: Peter Crump <as7_k@y...>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 10:38:21 -0800 (PST)

Hi all, 
With the release of SST, I thought, about the inevitability of
somebody going out and actually doing this on a tabletop! BTW? anybody
got info on the micromachines, esp their cost and how many to a pack?

SO without further ado, here's the writeup for SG II!

Bug Warrior
Quality Die=D10
Save Roll=D4
Moves as Fast PA
Has Close Combat Edged Weaponry and PA bonuses for Close Combat
Terror Effect
May capture a human if it wounds him in Melee
Must recieve 2 kills to kill it, but if the roll by the firer is a
natural even number that results in a kill, the Warrior is
automatically taken down(hit to the nerve stem).

Bug Tanker
Quality Die=D10
Armour of 2/1(Treat as Vehicle Target)
As per slow tracked movement, but with Fast PA chart
Has Close combat bonuses as per Warrior
Terror Effect
May fire a 12" flame/acid stream from nose, all MI hi by it dice as if
hit by Infantry Plasma Gun

Bug Brain
Moves as per normal infantry
May Interrogate PW's(kills them in process)
May not fight and must be portected at all times

Other Notes
Bugs have a Moderate ADA rating
Unit Integrity=.5"
No Morale Checks except when Brain Bug is threatened
No routs except to protect the Brain Bug
No surrender

MI Rifle(Name of the Damn thing escapes me?)
Treat as Advanced Assault Rifle and Shotgun Combo

Nuclear IAVR
 As per IAVR, but treat Blast and Effects as a hit by Medium Arty
firing anti-personell submunitions.

MI Retrevial Boat
Superior ECM
VTOL Movement
Armour 5/4
Transport for 20 men

Fleet Fighters
Class 5
Superior ECM
Aero Movement
2 fixed foward HEL/3
racks for DFO

MI Platoon

Cmd Group: 1 LT w/Rifle, 1 SGT w/Rifle, 1 Sniper(w/conventional Sniper
weapon), 1 RTO w/Rifle,
1 IAVR Gunner

3 Squads of 5 men each:
1 Cpl(SL) w/rfl

2 Fireteams of 2 men with Rifles

20 men total

MI save at a D6
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