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Re:Small ships

From: "Joseph A. Troche" <trochej@s...>
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 05:42:29 -0800
Subject: Re:Small ships

Wasn't it Douglas Fairbanks Jr, who spanked a couple of German
in his PT boat during WWII?  I believe he sank one and had the other one
distress.  We know what happens when a mass 2 (or 4) ship encounters 2
14 enemy ships in Full Thrust!	

However, can we argue that an escort class ship is significantly more
difficult to hit at tens of thousands kilometers away than a capital
I think not.


>> Ref house rules. Someone commented on the limited survivability of
>> Todd Mason
>     It may have been me talking about the small ships, but then it may
>have been someone else long before I joined the list.
>     The suggestion i have to 'solve' the small ship problem is;
>1) Escorts are at minus one on the To Hit die roll, (this means that 
>an escort ship cannot take double damage)
>2) Cruisers have no modifiers.
>3) Capital ships are plus one on the To Hit die roll.
>The above apply to beam weapons only as other systems have different 
>To Hit and damage conditions.
>By for now,
>John Leary

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