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Re: B5 Wars Distribution Problems

From: s953273@a... (Loki)
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 1997 13:22:17 +1100
Subject: Re: B5 Wars Distribution Problems

Hiya All,

	From Allan Goodall

>>From what I'm reading on the SF Conflict Sim list, it's looking like a
>number of people are no longer so cheery about B5W. I'm hearing things
>like 10 minutes to resolve the gunfire of one ship on one turn. Yikes!
>Give me FT anyday!

	I'm not entirely sure, I think the rules for B5 Wars are a tad
the complex side, but then it could be argued that I have been spoilt by
speed and simplicity of Full Thrust.  I think B5 Wars is going to become
game I enjoy playing for a good scenario, with *high* amounts of detail
ship damage and so on, but FT is going to be the game I play with a
bunch of
friends over, a few drinks, and just have a LOT of fun.  I'm an arts
student, so having to work out all those fractions in B5W takes up a lot
brain power :)	And FT attracted me in the first place because you can
a 12 ship apiece engagement in a few hours.  B5 Wars appears to be more
of a
4 ship engagement in a day!  Not sure though, I have yet to play B5W
all parties involved could be said to have a mastery of the rules.  But
initial impressions are that it does have a few flaws inherant in it,
the least of which is game flow.  The only problem I have with FT at the
moment is getting abig enough board to put the ships on: having 40 odd
on a 4' by 8' board gets a tad crowded.... not that that many survive
that long.  ;)

	Anyways, just my 2 cents on why FT is such a great game. :)
Needless to say, I am eagerly awaiting the next Babylon Project
:)  Oh and the FTIII book, and the FT Fleet Book...  I just have to
out a way for the games industry to remember that little old Australia
actually exists.......


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