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From: agoodall@s... (Allan Goodall)
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 02:45:02 GMT
Subject: Re: Map Sizes

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>The standard map size I have come up with is a playing field 3'x 5'.  

That's a bit small. We use a 6' x 4' table, the standard size of the
GeoHex space mats. That's as good a default as any. The GenCon
scenarios were based on something like an 8' x 4' or 8' x 5' table,
but worked out bigger than that at the con. Closer to about 9' x 5'.

>For those out there who are better at metric conversions can do them.

Simple conversion: about 2.5 centimetres per inch, or about 30
centimetres per foot. For small measurements (i.e. less than a house)
a metre is close to a yard. 

100 centimetres = 1 metre (centi = 100 as in centurion or centipede
(100 feet))
1000 milimetres = 1 metre (milli = 1000)

>Any other suggestions on the dafault size of a map?  What size do they
>at tournaments or conventions?

See above. Convention maps are bigger as you usually have a lot of
people playing a game (average of about 8 per game). Note that we've
experimented with the players setting up on the long sides to speed
entry into play. The larger table comes in handy that way, but for
regular games you might not want to set up only 4' or so apart.

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