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Map Sizes

From: ")_KriTTeR_(" <kritter@s...>
Date: Thu, 09 Oct 1997 21:19:59 -0500
Subject: Map Sizes

Status: RO

Lately I have been thinking of some ideas for constructing scenarios.
Before I go much further I wanted to decide on a play area.  How big is
actual play area going to be.  Well my first response was, "whatever the
standard size is."  The I took a closer look and found there was no
"standard" or default size.  I thought, "wow this must be an oversite." 
not I need to rectify this or I will not be able to sleep - and I do
to sleep (the wife epsecially likes it if I snuggle).

Now please keep in mind I do not know the metric system very well,
the rest of the world we in America still use an archaic system of
measurement.  Why?  I think we are just plain stubborn is all.

The standard map size I have come up with is a playing field 3'x 5'. 
that sound about right?  On the living room floor I have taped the
and then broken it down  further into 1'x 1' boxes.  What this does is
allow for an easy point of refernce for saving a game.

Using this system we number the boxes and desginate one of the short
at 12.

	  A   B   C
1	|   |	|   |	  12
	o---+---+---o	  /\
2	|   |	|   |	 /__\
3	|   |	|   |
4	|   |	|   |
5	|   |	|   |

Using this system you can keep track the exact location of your ships. 
example: using the designation 5B-06x7.5@07 would put the ship on grid
location 5B and using the second set of numbers as a grid location would
place the center of the ship at 6" down and 7.5" tot he right.	The
heading then would be 7.  Sounds hard but actually easy.

For those out there who are better at metric conversions can do them.

Any other suggestions on the dafault size of a map?  What size do they
at tournaments or conventions?


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