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Re: Buck Rogers and FT

From: Doug_Evans/CSN/UNEBR@U...
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 1997 13:29:17 -0500
Subject: Re: Buck Rogers and FT

Status: RO

Firstly, let me retract all that bragging about how I was going to be
fabulously wealthy selling off my BR board game. Only one bid for $15 so
far. Greed IS a terrible burden.

Still, I'm going on with my using another copy for a campaign game
map. I'm using the lines as one way connections between orbits, and a
further option of either retarding one space(actually staying in the
place after normal orbital movement) and getting one ahead.

Lines going outward at an angle are boosting to next orbit, lines almost
perpendicular to orbits are 'dropping inward'.	I suspect there won't be
any real difference, but the appearence will match my vision of boosting
from an
inner, faster orbit, and the tendency to 'move' ahead, while retro'ing
cause you to fall to that faster orbit, therefore, you fall behind.

Please note that I'm suggesting that the boost/retro thrust is relative
small compared to the orbital velocity; those saying 'all you have to do
draw a line from here to there' suggest that orbital velocity is
negligible. The moving ahead or behind in orbit suggests a partial boost
followed by a partial retro; the opposite, vice versa.

In my system, you'd be hard put to be able to actually 'reverse' your
in a managable time. Course, there's always the suggestion of boosting
enough out to be in relative free fall, push over in the other
direction(hmm... that doesn't sound right. *shrug*) or leaving the
ecliptic. For the later, I assume that the solar system disk is
clear of Oort Cloud, but not outside the plane. This is weak, but will
to do.

Assuming for the moment ANYBODY understood that mish-mash, I'd be
for any refinements/fine tuning suggestions. I'm still scratching head
exact order of movement, how to handle several incoming fleets(in the
of one incoming and one in-node, the in-node has the option to meet or
attempt evasion; in the case of evasion, the incoming fleet has the
of pursuit, or move to what ever goals might be at that node), and daily
ideas that I forget all too often to write down.



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