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Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 22:59:03 -0500
Subject: Re: Newbie Ship Question

At 11:33 AM 10/2/97 +0000, you wrote:

>Speaking  of,.... (BTW Hi, Don and welcome:)

Hi yourself :)

Status: RO


>1: When does acceleration take effect, the begining of the turn or 
>the begining of the following turn?

It does not say clearly (an area of contention for me in these rules
things are at time ambiguous and unclear), but it seems to make sense
before the turn starts that you write down your movement orders and then
follow through with them.  That means whatever course changes you make
immediate and it seems that any increase/decrease of thrust would also

Just found the answer. You will need to read it closely but it does in
essence say that thrust is applied for the turn that it is recorded. 
Full Thrust pg.7, Under MOVEMENT ORDERS: and look in the 2nd paragraph.

>2: Is it legal to, say, make a 2 point turn to port at the mid point, 
>followed by a 1 point turn back to starboard at the end move? (My 
>answer is yes, but I was asked to ask)

You can only make course changes at the beginning and mid-point of the
- at no other time.  Be sure to reread sections MOVEMENT:, MAKING COURSE
CHANGES, and MOVEMENT ORDERS, found on pgs.6-7 of Full Thrust.

Full Thrust pg.6, under MAKING COURSE CHANGES:, at the bottom of the 2nd
paragraph it states, "If the total Course change is an ODD number, then
round DOWN the initial part of the change and round UP for the mid-move
part."	Meaning in essence that if you have a 3 point course adjustment
any type, you have to make a 1 point course adjustment at the beginning
the turn then a 2 point adjustment at the mid-point.

>3: If you have an odd number foor a turn, say 3, can you take the 2 
>point at either time of the move? (mid or end?)

See above statement.

>Also,	someone posted a variant of the FT/ST Disruptor batteries and 
>I lost the post, does anyone have it?

Try the Unofficial Full Thrust Page.  The URL is not handy right now. 
in mind I am not saying it is there, just that it's a good place to


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