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Re: Newbie Ship Question

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Date: Wed, 01 Oct 1997 23:13:20 -0500
Subject: Re: Newbie Ship Question

At 03:00 AM 10/2/97 GMT, you wrote:

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>Strictly speaking, no. Your entire turn must be to port or to
>starboard. You turn half of your ordered points of turning (rounded
>down) before the ship moves, and half the turn points (rounded up)
>half way through the ship's move. However, I don't see why you
>couldn't use this as a house rule.

It sems that I read in Full Thrust somewhere that you could perform a
by apply a movement order something like 1P1S.	Now I do not remember
I saw it, but I do remember reading it.  It could have been in another
book entirely.	Now it does state under MAKING COURSE CHANGES:, 1st
paragraph, Full Thrust pg.6, "A ship making a course adjustment is
_assumed_ to be applying a sideways Thrust vector movement in that Game
Turn."	Now it does not say that one cannot aplly thrust vectors to both
sides, just that it is assumed that is all to one side.

To further muddy the waters, it seems I remeber reading that when making
couse adjustment that was to both sides that the side that had the
adjustment had to be applied first then the lower one next.  That
make alot of sense to me - well actually it does on the surface but when
you are dealing with a ship that has a thrust of 6 (only allowable 3

I don't know.  I can't remember where I saw it and can't find it in the
Full Thrust book now, so maybe I imagined it - yeah . . . sure . . .

>For a vector movement system, check out the Fleet Book that should be
>released some time in the new year. The beta of the vector rules were
>posted here a while ago, so I'm sure someone could send them to you.

Hey where can these be found?  I want one!  :)


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