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Re: Background Irrelevancy--and Poll (was Re: AIs and such...)

From: ngilsena@i...
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 07:34:55 -0400
Subject: Re: Background Irrelevancy--and Poll (was Re: AIs and such...)

> >1) Do you REALLY care about the FT background? Are you really
interested in
> >what happens to the ESU, NAC, etc. or is it just an excuse for a
battle and
> >nothing more? 

I quite like the FT background.  Perhaps it has more appeal to us 
Europeans than to the Americans.  Considering the fact that America 
is really just part of the NAC.  In the main it reminds me somewhat 
of the 2300AD roleplaying game.  Now that is a background crying out 
to be use by GZG players.

> >2) Did you read the FT background stuff or did you ignore it? 

I read it.  Always read the background, it gives the flavour of the 
game.  Or at least gives you more idea what the designers intended 
for it.

> >3) Do you use another background for your games (like Star Trek, Star
> >B5, homegrown)? 

> >4) Would you like to see the FT background enhanced, with a more
> >timeline, in future supplements? If so, how many pages out of a
> >sized rulebook would you be willing to give up to the background?

Yes I would like to see it enhanced.  I think there could maybe have 
been a few more pages of background detail on the individual powers 
in the rule book.  Real detail should maybe be kept for the Fleet 

 > >5) Would you like to see some FT fiction?

Indifferent.  A good campaign book would be good.  Not really 
straight fiction though.

> >6) How "accurate" a background do you want? "I want a hard science
> >background taking into effect things like AI development, genetic
> >engineering, relativity, etc." or ""Star Wars was accurate enough for

Kepp it simple.  Thats the jheart of the game system.  If you want 
detail most people here are capable of creating their own.  I don't 
want to be playing SFB or even dealing with Star Trek like PSB.
Heres an example of what I mean.  Comparing Star Trek to B5.  
Complexity against simplicity (at least in my view).

Star Trek : Refocus the kinetic energy warping field to a  0.779 
frequency and engage.

B5 : Fire!

> >7) Regardless of number 6, do you want to see guys in fighters,
escorts and
> >fleet ships? "Don't bother too much about AI, it's men versus men or
> >versus bugs that interest me." 

I have to say AI's don't hold that much interest for me.  Morale 
rules go out the window.  Although there are some interesting 
possibilities for AI's intrpreting orders in the wrong way.

> >8) "Stop with the stupid science posts, already! This is just a

As long as its interesting, and somewhat entertaining I don't mind.
Niall Gilsenan,
Dublin Institute of Technology,
College of Catering and Tourism,
Cathal Brugha St, Dublin 1,

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