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RE: Background Irrelevancy--and Poll

From: "life is an ever swirling, sucking, eddy of dispair, which is filled with moments of false hope in an ever blackening universe - Tim Jones" <Tim.Jones@S...>
Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 05:16:46 -0400
Subject: RE: Background Irrelevancy--and Poll

> 1) Do you REALLY care about the FT background?

NO, I have the ships but the human future history background's a bit
optional :-)

> 2) Did you read the FT background stuff or did you ignore it?

Read it then generally ignored the human history stuff. I use the names
the fleets for the CMD models. I use the Kravak and Svaskvu they were 
fine/excellent as a background.

> 3) Do you use another background for your games (

STOS, STTNG, B5, Honor H

> 4) Would you like to see the FT background enhanced

NO more human timeline please. Stuff like the Xeno files is welcome
about a section in size is fine.

> 5) Would you like to see some FT fiction?

Yes, with a Xeno slant or Space Opera.

> 6) How "accurate" a background do you want?

I want a simple abstraction for a board game
If I want reality it belongs on a computer.

> 7) do you want to see guys in fighters, escorts and "Don't bother too
about AI

Its an abstraction, big ships blowing the sh*t out of each other in
space is 
what I want.

> 8) "Stop with the stupid science posts, already! This is just a game!"

Stop the threads that are irrelevant and intransigent whether they're
science or any other off topic subject (that generates 30+ posts in a 
weekend) which have little real application to the games in hand

It's getting tedious having to delete so much stuff. More relevant and 
interesting discussions get lost in the noise or from over zealous use
of the 
delete key. More signal less noise.

tim jones
entropy requires no maintenance

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