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Re: Plasma Torpedos (was Cosmic Balance + FT)

From: dgundberg@b...
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 11:45:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Plasma Torpedos (was Cosmic Balance + FT)

 Chad Taylor wrote:
 >How about an S-torp with a mass of five and an R-torp with a mass of
 OK, I can go along with that.
 >  I would like to see a mass 10 R-torp because that is the size we
 >for most racial spinal mount weapons and that is what I intended the 
 >R-torp to be, I'm just not sure it is that useful. 
 How about allowing the capacitor to be overcharged on the R but with a 
 chance of blowing itself up.  Usually the capacitor is set to bleed off

 any extra charge over the limit (charge of 7, roll a 5, max charge
 is 10 so 3 points added, 2 bled off).	At the beginning of the turn you

 could turn this function off and the capacitor could try to hold the
 charge (the example now has a charge of 12).  The extra charge could 
 destroy the capacitor so roll a d6 and a result less than or equal to
 overcharge (2 in this case) will destroy the torp system and cause
 equal to overcharge (2 damage in this example).  If the overcharge is 6
 greater, a roll of 6 should still mean the capacitor safely held the 
 charge (in the example, if after rolling a 3 and not exploding, the
 turn a  6 is rolled charging the capacitor to a total of 18, overcharge
 8, on a 1-5 the capacitor explodes, on a 6 it holds the charge safely).
 new bleed level could also be set so any charge over the new defined
 would bleed off (charge was 12, set level at 14, roll a 6, add 2, bleed

 4).  The point of all of this is to allow torps with initial strengths
 6d6, 7d6, or more if the player is willing to take the risks associated

 with overcharging.  The capacitor on the type S would not be able to 
 handle overcharging.
 How is that for adding some zip to the type R?
 >Each launcher can launch any number of pseudo plasma torpedoes (only 1

 >per turn and not on a turn an actual torpedo is launched).
 Personally I don't want a ship with plasma torpedo capability firing 
 something every turn, either a real torp or a pseudo.	If I remember
 right, they limited the number of pseudos a launcher had available. 
 my feelings that don't have to be shared by the world.
 >A pseudo can only be revealed as being a fake if it is allowed to hit
 Again my feelings are that a pseudo should not be able to take the
 a real plasma torp could take so at some point, beam fire would destroy

 it.  How about damage equal to its initial strength in turns?
 >>  Would a painted cotton ball make a good plasma torpedo miniature? 
 >I think it would make a very good Plasma Torpedo.  How would you paint
 First fuzz it out a little then spray a base of white-yellow then add
 orange and red dry-brushing on the raised areas.  The paint should keep
 stiff to some extent.	Other color combinations could be fun like blues

 and purples :-)
 >We haven't actually used this yet.  It will probably appear as an
 >'NPC' race in the campaign.  So I am rather interested in your
 >opinion (everyones that is).

Let us know how they work in the campaign.

Dean Gundberg

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