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From: Mike Miserendino <phddms1@c...>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 1996 11:25:59 -0500
Subject: RE: ADAF's

Adam Delafield wrote:
>>If Ship A has performed it's action for the turn and a fighter group
>>attacks Ship B, can Ship A use it's ADAF's to engage that fighter
>That's a good question. It raises another question, when do you declare
>which ship a fighter group is attacking? Reading between the lines, it
>would appear that you are supposed to declare which fighter groups are
>attacking which ships after ship movement, but before ship firing. In
>practice this is impractical. ADAFs like PDAFs, are supposed to fire at
>the same time as the firing ships other weapons.
>Quick fix. Allow ADAF units to attack any fighters within 6" or any
>within 6" of a ship that is also within 6", effectively increasing ADAF
>to about 12" range (in fleet actions). That way only PDAF are affected
>wether or not the carrying ship is being fired upon.

Good point, but this creates a change in play.	If ship A fires the ADAF
during its fire phase, it is always assured a chance to attack the
group.	 Using existing rules, if ship A loses its ADAF or is destroyed,
will not be able to fire at the same fighter group when ship B completes
fire phase.  It becomes a question of when the targeting data for the
is made available from ship B: 1) when ship B engages targets and fires
during its fire phase or 2) throughout the entire combat phase for that

Mike Miserendino

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