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Re: Looking for a new home.

From: Adam Delafield <A.Delafield@b...>
Date: Wed, 13 Nov 1996 12:43:57 -0500
Subject: Re: Looking for a new home.

Date sent:  13-NOV-1996 18:28:48 

>>3.) Move over to a News Group. or something.
>>We could probably swing a vote for r.g.m.sf 

>This isn't a bad idea, but you'd see an even worse signal:noise ratio
>we have recently. It will also take some time to set up and not
everyone is
>going to get the list (at least not at first). I'd prefer r.g.m.sf to
>alt. list, simply because a lot of sites aren't picking up alts. Is
>any chance that r.g.m.gzg would get a vote?

The powers that be (not me this time, the Usenet people) were very
to r.g.m.warhammer simply because it was specific to Games Workshop. A
group would meet as much, if not more resistance.

sf is not specificaly mentioned in the remit of r.g.m.m. What is
are painting, modeling, sculpting and 'other games that do not fit
So a .sf (Speculative Fiction in Usenet terminology, so it covers
games too) group is quite legitimate, as a section that is officialy
a catch all, and not the specific intent of the group, is flooding the
and drowning out the painting, sculpting etc posts.

>I doubt that r.g.m.sf would
>succeed in a voting process since it would essentially leave r.g.m.m

It might also encourage more use of .m for painting tips etc, and keep
'for sale' posts in their place.

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