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Re: Help! Someone get this to MJE!

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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 05:15:57 -0500
Subject: Re: Help! Someone get this to MJE!

>I've got a few Stargrunt questions:

We'll do our best, Nag

>1.)  What happens if a vehicle wants to travel over terrain where enemy

>troops are currently positioned?

Well, what do you think they would do? Hang around and wait to get 
flattened? If troops are dug in, that is, occupying field defences (as 
defined on p.13) then vehicles will simply drive over them and the
will not be affected (unless they are fired upon. Any other troops, 
including those who are In Position will simply move to the side out of
way. Any In Position marker will be lost in this case. 

>2.)  Can troops Audie Murphy (HTH) a vehicle?


>3.)  On page 40 under the Heavy Weapons Fire Against Infantry heading 
>there is a discussion about firing 'main' direct-fire weapons armament 
>against infantry targets.  The problem is all of the vehicle weapons 
>described on page 29 are classified as heavy weapon systems (even class
>RFACs).  What weapons on page 29 use their own IMPACT value, and which
>the D8 GPE artillery round rules on page 40?

All the weapons listed on p.29 use the D8 GPE artillery rules on p.40.
fire against infantry targets also works as described on p.40. The
will roll a D4 (no ECM) unless they are equipped with a man-portable ECM

unit. The missile may be affected by any EW units around (see p.52).

The weapons that use thir _own_ IMPACT value are vehicle mounted
of infantry support weapons as listed on p.34, e.g SAWs of various
Note that the SGII SAW is equivalent to the APSW weapon type in DSII.

>4.)  On page 42 under Ending Close Combat it states that the player who

>has taken the most casualties in the combat round must take a
>test at a threat level of +1 for every casualty he has suffered.  Does 
>casualty here mean the amount of white skull markers placed during
>combat, or the actual dead and wounded results that were determined for

>each white skull (i.e., the stunned result does or doesn't count as a 
>casualty result for means of determining the +1s)?

Count the number of white skull markers placed during the close combat
stunned results count). Personally, I would say that the check for
effects after close combat requires a Reorganise action (as it does for 
casualties from fire fights), but it doesn't actually say that on p.42.

>5.)  Where are the rules that pertain to the Sensors box on the Squad

See p.25 - spotting hidden units

>6.)  Could you please send me the vehicle stats for all of the resin 
>vehicles (like the LKPzW VI says 3 crew on page 59, but 2 crew on page
>and there has got to be more than 2 crew in a Phalanx).

Sorry, we have not yet generated vehicle stats for any vehicles other
the ones given in SGII. However, this would be a good discussion point
this list. Let's see your ideas folks!

The diagram on p.59 showing 3 crew for a LKPzW VI is incorrect - it
be 2 crew as on p.69.

A Phalanx indeed has only 2 crew. Its an APC, not a tank. The crew are 
commander and driver. The two roof mounted DFFG/1s are installed in
mini turrets and are fired by the driver and/or the commander.


A note to Andy Cowell, please add these answers to your web page. Ta!


Hope that helps.

Mike Elliott, GZG

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