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Re: Sa'Vasku Brood ships

From: Brendan Pratt <pratt@m...>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 1996 06:36:54 -0500
Subject: Re: Sa'Vasku Brood ships

Chad Taylor wrote:
> After more play we have come up with several new (to us anyways)
> ship types.  I thought I would post one and see what you all thought. 
> idea is to give the Sa'Vasku some variety in there fleets.
> Brood Ships (Mother ships, Birthers, Spawn ships)
> This type of Sa'Vasku "ship" has specialized in the growth of various
> types of Drone Pods.	This ship is roughly the equivalent of a human
> Carrier/missile ship.  It follows all of the standard Sa'Vasku rules 
<chainsaw sound effect here>

 I like these ideas as they give the "poor old Sa'Vasku" a better chance
- my only observation is that you do need to be careful not to make them
too much like standard human craft by duplicating all (or most) of their
existing technology.

 This observation made; I think I will try some of them with my friends,
as I have noticed that the Sa'Vasku were not played by us due to their
 a) Boring
 b) Too easy to beat (as has been mentioned in at least one previous	
 Please do not take these as criticisms, simply observations - I played
SFB for many years, only to watch everyone get everyone elses'
proprietary technology regardless of how ludicrous it would be to mimic
said tech and to subsequently refit your ship with it - the worst
offenders were (of course) The Federation.

	Enough from me :}

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