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Re: [DSII] Online Conversion?

From: Alexander Williams <thantos@a...>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 06:09:57 -0400
Subject: Re: [DSII] Online Conversion? wrote:
> Alex, hi, and thank you for your reply. Just one small point, Mr
> spells his first name "Jon" (no h) (I think it might be short for
> Jonathan). Just in case you include our names in any credits. By the
> token my surname is spelled with two l's and two t's.

[grabbing for his copy of DIRTSIDE II]

Er, egad, you're right.  I heartily apologize.	And, yes, you'll both be
credited in the news files (and quite probably in the opening screen),
so said spelling is important.	:)

> Thank you also for your consideration in including recommendations for
> games. Thats really good.

Now now, its the same policy we had/have over on TELA MAGICA (set in the
ARS MAGICA universe/rules).  If the site is good, the materials sell. 
That's about the best free advertising that you can get, and the best
part is its open to anyone with interest in the subject and with the
ability to telnet in.

> Easy, I just invented it!!

Hmmm, does that make me an Unpaid Volunteer Computerized Systems
Translation Developer?	:)

> OK Alex, looks like you have a go here. Please keep me (and everyone
> this list) informed as to your progress. We await further news.....

I will indeed.	(It would be silly to shirk my largest player base,
after all.)

As a semi-aside to the list in general, I hope to have a workup in text
of the basic plan for the MU* posted to the list for commentary and
suggestions.  The input of the list is very likely to be a major impact
on the site.

As a secondary aside, I just finished FULL THRUST and MORE THRUST. 
/Very/ intriguing systems there; I don't think we'll have orbital
operations in the first pass at the design but I can definitely see us
working /toward/ multiple area battles with orbital support.  (Besides,
I have this thing for Ortillery ...)

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