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Re: Mixed Small Arms Squad

From: Adam Delafield <A.Delafield@b...>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 1996 05:34:24 -0400
Subject: Re: Mixed Small Arms Squad

Date sent:  12-SEP-1996 14:32:29 

>Mmmm.... but of course it will all be generic weapon types since we
>want to infringe TOC's (tm) copyrights now do we? Anyway, there's
>enough in SGII already for you to work out stats for additional weapon 
>types. The main emphasis in BDS reagarding aliens will be how different

>"stock" alien types handle Confidence and Reaction and Command and
>(AFAIK at the moment).

>Anybody got any suggestions?

>Mike Elliott, GZG

I here a call for mindless rambling. So here it is.

Traits could be 'Aggression' (Effects starting Moral level? Modifies
moral tests by a positive or negative shift?), 'Technology (Just a
of what weapons taken, or something more?)', 'Intelligence' (Helps in
communication), 'Terror'(Affects Close. Do they cause Terror? Does
effect them?) as well as Movement, Armour and Weapon Stats. Perhaps one
two new weapon types could be included (Though they are not needed) such
'Ray Gun' or 'Disintegrator'.

This would cover most aliens, like 'Greys', Mutons, Martians, Daleks,
Terminators, Tyranids, Kryomek etc.

Bugs and Blobs are so different that they would not fit regular SG2
model, and including them would require Close Combat to be much more
clearly worked out. Bugs (Our lovable, cute, Acid for Blood friends)
will probably be the one most people are after, so should be as fully
explored as possible, and playtested a lot.

The Command structure might be retained in a 'Hive' structure. Bugs
probably wouldn't give a hoot for suppression, but this would also
knock their casualty rate way up, as they will not be taking cover.
(Though they might go 'in position' and lie in ambush) They would
certainly have to significantly outnumber a foe to stand a chance in
the open battlefield.

Anyway, I think an in depth look at the way close assault works would
be the first step in developing Bugs.

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