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RE: Fantasy combat with DS2?

From: SimonC@d... (Simon Campbell-Smith)
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 02:26:36 -0400
Subject: RE: Fantasy combat with DS2?

It is interesting to read that people from across the pond have a
feelings about 'that fantasy company'. I have recently been told of a	
rather nasty business practice thay have. It goes something like:

Get a local games shop to stock your product. When the sales of your   
product in that area via this shop reach a certain threshold set up your
own store just down the road and then stop supplying the local game
with your products.

Not a very friendly thing to do really. I gather this has been
in the courts in th US and declared illegal. I am no solicitor/lawyer
I think that is a fair judgement.

It would be great if a right minded business man was to set up a rival. 
There many things 'that fanatasy company'  do well. They supply
paint encourage games in their shops which are always clean tidy and
well laid out.

I only wish I had the backing as I would give it a go. There is money to
be made and at the moment it is almost all  going to one place.

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>Mr. Elliot,

Call me Mike, please!

>I was just curious - do you or Jon Tuffley have any plans to do a   
>combat game using the Full Anorak system.  I know you don't want to be 
>much like "That other British Company" but they sure could use some
>competition on all fronts.

No, GZG is a purely SF related company, Jon leaves fantasy to other   
(its just not his thing).

>I have been converting DS2 to a fantasy warfare type game for my own
>enjoyment - I've even enlisted some play-testers and we've been having 
>with it.  I'm busy now getting the rules all written out in a readable
>form (i.e. -  not my chicken-scratch handwriting).

Great. How about posting it to the list soemtime or putting it on a Web
page somewhere?

>Thanks for listening and for your presence on the Full Thrust list,

>Nick Caldwell, a very satisfied Ground Zero Grognard from across the	

Thanks for your kind words,

Mike Elliott, GZG

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