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RE: SSNs, SSKs, Aircraft etc (was Tours)

From: SimonC@d... (Simon Campbell-Smith)
Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 03:20:40 -0400
Subject: RE: SSNs, SSKs, Aircraft etc (was Tours)

I don't know if this is a world wide truth, but it is in UK

In the army the Officers send the men off to die

In the navy the men and officers go off to die

However only the air force do the men send the officers off to die

Hence if you are going to enlist join the air force

I know that junior officers go over the top and that there are enlisted 
aircrew, but I think the above just about holds true!
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Joseph L. Haygood wrote:
> At 04:31 PM 9/2/96 +0000, you wrote:
> >True luxury is joining the airforce and not having to spend months	
> >under or on the sea; while living in a tiny space for months on end!
> >
> I must agree. The US Air Force only made me sleep in a tent (tiny   
space) a
> couple of times. Mostly we were in nice warm, snug hotel like
> Wing-wiping is much easier that being a squid, a grunt, or a jarhead.


On the other hand, I'd rather be in a nice, safe submarine than trussed
up like a turkey, wearing a belly chute, on a P-3C Orion. Or, for that
matter, bouncing around the aluminium box of an M-113A1 LSV trundling
through the bush.

Been there, done that. Join a service, see the world - but in Defence
Industry, they don't even give you a uniform. Right now, I'm working
in a bunker deep below the ground, somewhere in Our Nation's Capital.
Just been informed 2 people there have TB, so I'm going for a test on

Isn't thread creep wonderful?

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