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From: "Tony Finan" <the_nemesis@c...>
Date: Sat, 7 May 2005 12:19:39 -0400
Subject: Re: [ECC AAR} FMA Sheep

   Ahhh...the beautiful reporter was negotiating with the natives to
them ally themselves with Germany, and maybe have the remaining stupid 
British players put to a slow and agonizing death. Its not the
fault that the sailor was convinced to pick her up at the expense of
players lives.
    I think I see a trend here. Chris gives Tony a character, Tony uses
to attempt to destroy everyone in a very painful and showy manner....

Tony Finan
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Because they'll tell you, Don't try this at home"

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Subject: [ECC AAR} FMA Sheep

> I recently sent Adrian an email about next year's FMA Sheep, and he
> replied:
>>  I have taken extensive therapy to try to remove all memory of
> anything having to do with your games, so I don't recall.  And I'm not
> willing to recall.  It might lead to the recurrent nightmares I've
> been experiencing for the past several years after each ECC.	I don't
> know WHY that is, since I don't recall...
>> And I'm in a happy place now.
>> So you leave my happy place alone.
> I suspect his "extensive therapy" and "happy place" are related to his
> living next to an oversized liquor store.
>  Anyway, this reminded me that Adrian never told the tale of what
> happened at this past FMA Sheep.
>  The volcano was erupting, sending long streamers of lava down the
> table to immolate about half the players; the Cthulhu cultist was
> getting chased by a tyrannosaur; the female reporter was in the
> village where the natives were doing unspeakable, or at least
> unmentionable, things to her; the missionary had come down with
> sheeping sickness and was a fuzzy ball of wool; natives and killer
> sheep and zombie killer sheep were attacking the remaining players;
> the remaining players were shooting at each other and sometimes at the
> natives and sheep.  In short, everything was going beautifully.
>  The heroic British sergeant captures the Ewe N airship, tosses the
> remaining blue-beanie sheep over the side, and rescues the reporter.
> Thrilling music swells as the airship lifts and races for safety.  The
> volcano rumbles and spits out a few more trails of lava, converting
> most of the "surviving" characters into characters flambe' .	And
> Adrian, who is a devious, blackhearted, cunning scoundrel the likes of
> which I have seldom seen, pulls out an envelope marked "For Emergency
> Use Only" and hands it to me.

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