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News to me!

>Mixing pigments is "subtractive" color mixing - primary colors are
>red, blue
>and YELLOW.

As every good, modern Cartographer knows.

Dopey moi, I thought it was Magenta, Cyan, and Yellow. However, WAY too

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK (CMYK) are the colors used in printing.
Also, to add to the confusion, there is the Red, Green and Blue (RGB)
register that your monitor uses.

I'm not sure, but I think the "good, modern Cartographer" remark was in
reference to colors next to other colors looking different due to
both physical and perceptual. A red road on a field of yellow might look
orange if not done properly. Also, opposite colors, when used next to
other can "vibrate" where the edges meet. I seem to remember mention
color theory for mapmaking has its own arcane rules and guidelines... Am

To get this a little (but only a little) on topic, a year ago I went
being a "subtractive" miniature painter to being "additive". That is to
I changed my base coating color from white to black. As someone on this
mentioned a while ago, it makes painting micro-scale miniatures (and
much quicker. Just dry brush up to the desired color, wash with black or
dark color, then touch up as needed. I have used it on 25mm rank and
file to
good effect as well.

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