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RE: [KV] Colors (was Re: Movies)

From: Charles Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 20:26:25 +0100
Subject: RE: [KV] Colors (was Re: Movies)

In message
	  "Bell, Brian K (Contractor)" <> wrote:

> Yes it would.
> Our Primary colors are the upper end of our vision spectrum (Blue) and
> lower end of our vision spectrum (Red) and the percieved middle of our
> spectrum (yellow).
> For KV, it would be the upper end of thier UV vision, the lower end of
> IR vision and the percieved middle. All three will effect the range of
> colors they can identify.
> We would probably need to invent a whole other set of colors based on
> addition of IR/UV perception. What do you call 30% Green 27% UV Blue
and 37%
> IR red?
> It is also interesting that as we view colors toward the top of our
> they seem to mix with the bottom end of our spectrum (purple is
percieved as
> a mix of blue and red).
> -----
> Brian Bell
I may very well be wrong here, but humans see _colour_ with retinal
'cone' cells, that come in three different types, which IIRC explains
the three primary colours - maybe (anyone on the list know any more?)

Also IIRC, some bird species have 5 different types of cone cells, and
so probably see 5 different primary colours! I remember seeing this on a
BBC science series 'Supersense' about animal sensory capabilities -
worth watching if you want ideas for alien senses.

Bring that back on topic, aliens, assuming thair visual apparatus is at
least somewhat like ours, could well have only 2 cone cells, or 4 or
more, if their eyes are sensitive to a wide spectrum, they probably see
a lot of primary colours.

OTOH, they may be colour blind (like cats).

If the phalon tri-lobed eye is anything like that of the War of the
Worlds (movie) Martian, then they probably have 3 primary colours.


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