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FSE colour schemes site

From: "Matthew Smith" <matt@s...>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2001 22:08:31 +0100
Subject: FSE colour schemes site


Recently I've been working on something that might interest those FSE
enthusiasts out there. Basically, I thought it might be fun if I created
a sort of compendium of actual FSE fleets and colour schemes, with a
little background and whatnot, just because I'm a big fan of what GW
calls fluff and everyone else probably does too. Well, GW does. I don't
really know actually. :-)

Anyway, what I've been aiming to do is "catalogue" (- I use this in the
very loosest sense of the word) the various actual, real, FSE forces
which exist in real miniature collections. I've been doing some diagrams
to show colour schemes of FSE fleets that I have seen on the net, and of
course my own, and I've got four fleets up at the moment: mine, Beth
Fulton's, Samuel Penn's and Paul Grogan's.

The address for my site is, and
the particular page is So
come and have a look!

Now clearly, there are more than four people out there with FSE fleets,
so if other Commandants get in touch with me as a result of this post
I'll be very happy. Also, does anyone know the e-mail address of Jon
Davis? I've made a diagram showing the colour scheme on the FSE CH on
his website, but I don't want to put it on my site without his

Right then, thats about it.

Matthew Smith

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