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Re: FT-Mines

From: Charles Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 00:51:59 +0100
Subject: Re: FT-Mines

In message <002f01c10ca0$109845c0$17b4893e@inty>
	  "Bif Smith" <> wrote:

> Has anybody considered updating the mines rules for the fact ships now
> ruoghly 2x the DP as before? Has anybody also considered using SM
> as mines. In that you deploy the missiles to float in space and they
> float there untill a ship come within 6MU and the missiles attack as
> salvo, with the ship having a chance to intercept with PDS before the
> missiles hit.
> Any ideas anyone?
Well, I've _thought_ of it (you can actually _use_ SMs as 1-turn
duration mines if you're moving fast enough).

My thoughts - logically, a mine system that you describe each 'mine
cluster' should require less mass than an equivalent missile salvo, as
the mines only have the terminal boost engines to attack anything that
comes in range. For simplicity, the mine should be represented by a
counter, and the first ship to come within 6mu gets attacked. The launch
system should have about the same mass as a salvo one?

To some extent, I think the mines in FT are 'pursuit deterrent' devices,
to be used if another ship gets on your tail. A proper, placed
minefield would have to have lots of mines, possibly included automated
weapons platforms, and EW drones to confuse sensor sweeps, - I'm sure
the military tech experts on the list (I know I am a mere dabbler) can
fill in more realistic details here.

There are a number of mines systems in the WDA.


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