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From: Charles Taylor <charles.taylor@c...>
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 00:39:11 +0100
Subject: Re:Movies

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	  "Bif Smith" <> wrote:

> I have been reading the movies sugestions without any comments so far,
but I
> will add my own <G> anyway.
> People have said outlands, and I agree. The only thing that spoiled
> movie for me was the fact I had been reading/watching different
> books/programs at the time, and knew that IO (where it`s set) is a
> volcanic moon, traped within a magnetic band that means IO is
> bathed in high radiation. Why it wasn`t set on either europa or titan,
> I consider better places, is beyond me.

Hmm.. can't remember when it was made, it _may_ have been pre Voyager
(and I do mean the space-probes :-).
Of course they _could_ do a 'special edition' and 'dub' the location -
make it Ganymede or Callisto.
OTOH, a film set on a mine on Io _as_we_now_know_it_to_be_, would, at
least, have a _really_ dramatic landscape :-)
> As for the sci-fi films, I would say all of them that involve space
ships or
> space battles. The only exception would be soilder, which is probably
> worst film I`ve ever seen (and that is saying something).
> For the anime, any gundam is excellent, especially any of the OAV
> productions. I would also suggest nadesco, LoGH, sol bianca, gunbuster
> (highly amusing) and others with spaceships blowing the crap out of
> other <G>. One of my personal favorites is bubblegum crisis, in my
> the best cyberpunk ever. Also, look up tenchi muyio (sorry for the
> spelling), for some excellent spaceship designs (grown from trees!).

Hmm.. I wonder if we could convince St. Jon to do another alien race
with ships based on these. There is also a crystalline spacecraft that I
rather like, GZG already do a model if this, its half of PAND-40
...but she's in one of her _other_ forms :-)
> As you may have guessed, my tastes are a bit limited <G>.
While mine can be just weird :-)


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